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Carpet Den Interiors design consultation service helps customers make key design decisions

Our free in-home design consultation professionals can answer questions that simplify planning for any residential or commercial project

Carpet Den Interiors offers free in-home design planning and consultation for homeowners and businessmen that have a long list that need correct answers. We gladly provide this service because unless you have had prior experience by having gone through the complete process previously, these questions can prove to be quite confusing. In addition, flooring manufacturers are continually developing and introducing new products that customers need to understand. To solve this dilemma, our design consultation experts provide your much-needed answers.

When you plan a new flooring project or modernization that usually requires that you make all kinds of decisions. Some of these are usually about aesthetics, such as which color looks the best with the flooring in your bedroom, living room or hallway. Still other decisions are probably more utilitarian, such as which flooring product will be hardy enough to stand up to wear and tear from high foot traffic. Most of these decisions are budget related, and dependent upon cost vs. quality and style.

Flooring design consultation in Franklin TN
Carpet Den Interiors provides all types of flooring including carpet, hardwood, ceramic tiles, vinyls and area rugs. We surely realize that many of these decisions can be tough to make, and that most will profit from our professional design consultation. This is where our talented and highly motivated interior design consultants can simplify your decision-making process. They will counsel you about which flooring products are the most suitable for your home and help you to decide which colors will look best fin your rooms. They will also explain options and services that are the most compatible with your family’s preferred lifestyle. It’s a two-way street as well; since they are consulting with you in your home, our experts will also learn first-hand about what your family’s needs and preferences are. We are always ready to work with homeowners and businessmen in Nashville, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Green Hills or other Tennessee areas.

To schedule a free in-home design consultation with one of our professional advisers, contact us at (615) 771-0128; or visit our showroom at 264 Mallory Station Road, Franklin, TN 37064. We look forward to seeing you.