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Four tips for choosing the perfect flooring

Flooring isn't something we buy often, and it's a significant investment, so we usually don't change it frequently. That means you need to get it right the first time, and Carpet Den Interiors, your flooring store in Franklin, TN, offers some tips on choosing suitable floors.

First things first: Look at your needs

When you choose a surface that is entirely in line with your lifestyle, you'll be guaranteed a quality floor covering that will last for years, all the while looking great and performing well. Next, decide if you have extra durability or stain resistance needs and also consider the room. How will you use it? Is it large or small, sunny or dark?

At this time, you should also establish a budget and be sure it includes everything, such as installation and disposal, padding, underlayments, grout, adhesives, etc.

What’s your style?

Will the new floor harmonize with the rest of the house? What's your overall decor? Nothing needs to match exactly, but industrial-chic would be pretty jarring in a traditional-style home. How do you feel about upkeep? Is your style bold and vibrant or subtle and quiet?

How do you feel about maintenance?

This may not seem important now, but it will if you have to vacuum more than you'd like or it just doesn't meet your requirements somehow. Case in point: We recently complimented what we thought was a gorgeous clawfoot soaking tub, but the owner doesn't like it at all, but these are expensive, so she's stuck with it for a while.

Get a professional installation

Many say the installation is just as necessary as the product itself. Our flooring company has an experienced installation team who can make any floor look like your home's crown jewel. Our showroom is in Franklin, TN, and we also have a fully stocked mobile store. We service Franklin, Nashville, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Green Hills, and Mt Juliet.