Is polyester or nylon a better carpet flooring?

Is polyester or nylon a better carpet flooring?

Both nylon and polyester are typical carpeting fiber choices. They each offer exceptional benefits and could serve your home very well.

If you've never considered the benefits of these materials, this is a great time to learn more. One of these floors could serve your household best, with results that last.

Nylon fiber benefits

Nylon is an excellent choice for busy homes because it offers impressive strength. It's less likely to crush underneath heavy traffic, so it's perfect for your most active areas.

It's also a fantastic option for homes with pets and children, with an easy-to-clean surface. And you'll find floor covering lifespans that can exceed ten years or more, with proper care and cleaning.

Polyester fiber benefits

Polyester has a reputation for stunning color brilliance for a beautiful decor match. But you'll also find they resist permanent stains with an easy-to-clean surface.

While they aren't as strong in high traffic as nylon, you can add area rugs for added benefits. We'll tell you even more about these floors while you're here.

Which one is best for your household?

If you have a busy, active, pet-friendly home, nylon is the best choice. But if you have little carpeting traffic and prefer a brilliant visual appeal, polyester could serve you best.

No matter your needs, we will help you find the perfect flooring for them. Be sure to start a conversation with our associates when you visit.

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